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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

Hello again!
I'm here with a recipe, not cards. I had this dessert at the party I had at my home on June 4th. The ladies all seemed to love it, and I promised the recipe. This is a rich decadent dessert, not gonna lie. 
I promise that you didn't gain an ounce looking at that photo. However if you make this and don't have at least 10 friends to help you eat it, you might be looking at some weight gain!! :)

Brownie Cheesecake
1 box of brownie mix, and the ingredients needed to make package
16 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
8 ounces of whipped topping
1 cup mini chocolate chips
Prepare the mix according to package instructions. I used Duncan Heinz fudge brownie mix and on the package it said for more cake like brownies, add an additional egg. I did that and it did make the brownie more cake like. So much so, that no one could believe that it was a brownie mix!
Pour the mix into a greased spring form pan. (this pan is used for presentation purposes, it your crowd isn't the fancy type I really don't think you need to make this in a spring form pan. An 8 by 8 square pan or a 9 by 9 pan would be fine, I believe. Just serve from the pan! I don't own a spring form pan, but was able to borrow one.) Bake according to package directions. ( I followed the round 9 inch pan directions because the package didn't have a spring form pan listed) Allow to cool completely. Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. (I think I would use 1/2 cup of sugar or maybe 3/4 cup rather than one full cup. This was extremely sweet. I don't think less sugar would be missed) Fold in vanilla and whipped cream, then fold in the chocolate chips. (I also think it would have been perfect with half of the whipped cream) Spread over the cooled brownie in the spring form pan. Decorate with more chocolate chips or fresh fruit or leave plain. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Remove pan and set on a pretty serving plate.
Let me know what you think and if you make this, how did you like it??
Until next time, take good care!

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