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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Class

Hello happy people!
I said in my last post that I would show you the cards the gals did in the class this month...only, I said maybe tomorrow...well, that didn't happen. I do try, but you know how it think you have all blooming day and then WHOOSH, it is time for bed!! Ha! Here are the cards the gals did in the July class.

Fun card with an interesting folded focal piece.

The inside!

 Sweet die cut elements make this one POP! So does the paper!!

This was probably the most time consuming. Except for the verses, most of the stamping had to be inked off, which gives you two shades of the same color. This card was well loved, because they thought they would actually make this one again. 

 Looks like a normal birthday card...
But when you open it~~

Love the sparkle! 

But when you open this tri-fold card...again, WOW!! The verse is on a piece of white card stock that isn't glued down on the top, making a perfect pocket to stow a gift card or fifty dollar bill! :) If the artist didn't want it as a gift card holder, I had other verses that they could use in place of this one.

I am working on preparing for the Fall Craft show...I am still recovering from the Spring Craft show! tsk! My card racks look like skeletons, there are so many empty pockets. But I have lots of cards to show you so I hope to be posting again soon...just not gonna say when! HA!
Take good care~

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