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Friday, March 18, 2016

Lawn Fawn Class

Today I have pictures of 5 cards that are from this week's classes. There were 30 people signed up for the four classes offered. The most ever! The stamps that were used are from a company called Lawn Fawn. The overall favorite card was the Hedgehog card. (Look for that one to show up soon on the racks!)
 An obvious favorite for Arizona!
 Everyone loved painting this little guy. And adding his racing stripes on the inside!
 Some people objected to cutting out and gluing the "soup", but I do not eat striped soup!! :)
 Hands down favorite!! So adorable...they were stamping hedgehogs on everything!! 
The inside verse I did on the computer, but we all agreed that this would be good for a new baby card.

We have had a busy few weeks. Ed and I took the train to Chicago for a wedding. On the way home the train hit a person who had decided to end their life. So sad. We were delayed over 3 hours. The train that derailed early this week was the same train. We were very glad that we weren't on that train. 

Just prior to our trip, I fell and landed on my right shoulder. Good thing I'm left handed! I also hit my head and caused a knot. I had an MRI done on Wednesday of my shoulder and I should find out today what damage I did. It has been getting better slowly, but the Doctor felt that an MRI would be a good idea. I need to heal because I have nearly empty racks that need cards!! 

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  1. THIRTY?? That is awesome Ellie! And I hope your shoulder just needs rest! I wish I ws there to help you!

  2. First of all, your cards are really beautifully designed! I am sure your class attendees enjoyed making them! :^)
    Secondly, boo on your fall! Was not your brightest move evah, huh? Seriously, though, I hope you heal very quickly from your injury!
    Thirdly, sorry to hear about the train incident. What an awful way to go...
    Take care!
    Big hugs, Penny